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As our campaign grows, more articles will be added to the wiki. For now, rather than nesting a little bit of information in a bunch of categories and sub-categories, I’ve organized common information into one broad entry below.

Warning: some links may take you off site, and should be considered potential-spoilers.


The campaign will run in accordance with the most recent RPGA standards document. There are a number of rules changes to note, including 28 points for planned ability generation and the ineligibility of Ewok as a species choice. Ootini!



Brentaal IV is the fourth planet in the Brentaal system of the Bormea sector of the Core Worlds. Wookiepedia entry

Sel Zonn Station

Sel Zonn Station is one of over a dozen XQ2 Space Platforms in orbit
around Brentaal. Manufactured by Bengel Shipbuilders some years
before the present, Sel Zonn Station has not
flourished since the rise of the Empire. Though it still sees a great deal of
traffic from Brentaal and from travelers, the Empire has allowed large
sections of the station to languish and fall apart. Thanks to the rise of
anti-alien sentiment, especially on the Core Worlds, the more run-down
sections of Sel Zonn Station are now inhabited by aliens. As such, a rift
divides the station—wealthy, privileged Human Imperial loyalists occupy
the nicer sections of the station, while all others are relegated to worn
and sometimes dangerous secondary sections.


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