Arkadian Brade

Short cropped brown hair, a scar running down from his forehead across his right eye. Slight build, 6 feet tall.


STR – 10 DEX – 14 CON – 10 INT – 10 WIS – 14 CHA – 18


Equipment: Lightsaber (gold blade)


Arkadian Brade was barely two standard years old when the tall and strange creature wearing the long brown robes came to visit his mother and father in their modest home on Ord Mantell. The strange tones filtered through the mask it wore over his mouth and nose were not understood by the small child but he knew what this creature was saying was making his mother cry. Arkadian’s father simply stared into his cup of Chav, and mumbled weakly. The creature stood up from the kitchen table, and knelt beside Arkadian’s mother holdin her tiny hands in its scaled claws. The tones coming from the masked alien became sympathetic… soothing. And then the sobs of his mother seemed to catch in her throat until they simply became breaths. The alien looked at Arkadian’s father, who could only sigh and turn his head. The robed being stood to its full height and turned towards Arkadian’s room. Young Arka did not know what this monster was or what it had done to its parents, he only knew at that moment that it had come to take him away.

And he knew he had to hide.

Master Plo Koon would tell the story for years, pausing to chuckle in his reflection. Master Koon always told the story, unable to hide his pride in the toddler who was able to elude him in a nearly empty room from him for a full 15 minutes. The Kel Dor’s tones no longer seemed strange and frightening to Arkadian and the other younglings.

Then came the time when Master Koon stopped chuckling, and nearly stopped speaking altogether. Arkadian timidly asked his “big sister” Bultar Swan; a fellow youngling and Padawan of Master Koon, what was wrong. Bultar simply sighed at Arkadian as though he’d been living in a cargo hold; There had been an invasion on a distant planet that Arka had never heard of and one of Master Koon’s good friends had died there. Arkadian could remember the first time he had met Master Qui-Gon Jinn; Master Koon had brought him to see Arkadiana number of times and had told Arka that he could learn from speaking with Master Jinn about the “Living Force” and the “benefit of trusting your instinct over comtemplation.” It confused Arka, as so many of the other Masters in the temple had been instructing him to “trust in the force” and “meditate on his choices.”

As Arka grew older and his training progressed he noticed that his Master, while teaching the traditions and saber forms of a Jedi Guardian to Bultar Swan, when it came time to continue Arkadian’s training, Koon seemed satisfied to bring in another Master, while the Kel Dor stood nearby and consulted. After a week of confusion and frustration, Arkadian confronted his Master and demanded to know why he thought him unworthy to become a guardian.

It was the first time in a long time that Arkadian had heard his master chuckle…

Koon simply told him that the Guardians were the firm hands of the Jedi Order, while the Consulars were depth of its mind. Sentinels on the other hand, were the whispers between the two, and specifically the more specialized corps of Jedi Investigators was put into effect to uncover threats to the people of the Republic from the more unconventional sources, such as Pirates Slavers and Criminal syndicates. It was this role that Arkadian was being groomed for. While he was still by all accounts Plo Koon’s padawan, he was instructed by many of the Masters in the temple in the intricacies of stealth, information gathering and even intimidation.

Arkadian was given his first undercover assignment, and as a condition was instructed to have a “falling out” with his Master. This was to preserve his public non-Jedi status and give the impression to any who might see him in the future that he had left the Order. The argument was staged in a very crowded hall in the Jedi Temple and even though the confrontation was an act, Arkadian would come to regret the words he said… It was the last time he would see his Master alive…

Arkadian stepped into the sparse quarters of the transport that was to take him to the moon of Nar Shaddaa, and noticed the plasteel case lying on his cot. When Arka opened it, nestled atop his Jedi Robes was his master’s lightsaber and a note written in Kel Dorian.

“Because you can never hide from this…”

In 22 BBY Arka had been investigating a Black Sun slave ring. 10 years prior, the organization had been throw into chaos with the assasination of most of the Black Sun Vigos, as well ias the head, Alexi Garyn by the Sith Lord Darth Maul. For the previous 4 years, Arka, in the guise of a “collection agent” had been trying to uncover what connection had been between the organization and the Sith. The lack of motive frustrated him and he was forced to leave the system when one of the Black Sun’s debtees turned up alive. (Arka had implanted in the minds of the Thugs with him that he had killed the man and then used the Force to convince the man to leave the system forever, though circumstances apparently had brought the marked man back to Nar Shaddaa) Arka had found out, en route to Devaron that a task force of 212 Jedi had been dispatched to rescue Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker from capture. Many Jedi had perished and Arka, had given the remainder of his meager resources to an information broker to find out his Master and Bultar had survived the batlle.

Arkadian sent word to the council to offer to return and bolster the ranks, he was refused and told to travel to the Ryloth system posing as a slaver and attempt to uncover intelligence to connect Queen Miraj Scintel (a member of the Separatist Council) to the Zygerrian Slavers Guild, for the purpose of propaganda and bring charges of war crimes against the Separatist Council. Arkadian spent the next 2 and a half years relocating the native Twi’leks to protected Republic systems under the guise of a slave trader. Arkadian found himself on his Home planet of Ord Mantell when he heard the news that the Jedi had attempted to assasinate the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine an a reported coup attempt. The Jedi had failed and now all of those fighting the Separatists were considered traitors if they were not loyal to the Republic. The cantina that Arkadian was sitting in suddnly became the centre of an inferno, shards of transparisteel tore through the back of his skull, a voice cried out through the Force in confusion at this betrayal and Arkadian felt his Master Plo Koon burning in the cockpit of his fighter. When the searing in his chest subsided, Arkadian dragged himself to his feet. And watched as 3 Clone Troopers weaved their way through the crowd.

“Do what you do… hide.”

Arkadian is still not sure to this day if he actually heard his master’s voice or if it was just his own telling him to flee.

Stretching out with the Force, Arkadian poured all of his grief and pain into the effort. If anyone in the cantina that day remembered there was even someone sitting at the table that was inexplicably overturned; they can’t remember what he looked like…

Arkadian exhausted every favour he had gained in his “other life” and headed for the Kathol Rift, and the Gandle Ott system where he could disappear from the newborn eyes of Palpatine’s New Order. A month later, Arkadian was almost in the embrace of the Kathol Nebula when he heard the call from his ‘Big Sister”. Bultar Swan had survived Order 66 and she was calling out to him to join her and a conclave on Kessel with the intention of drawing Palpatine’s new apprentice Darth Vader into a trap.

Arkadian disembarked at the next port and then desperately searched for passage back to Kessel. In his desperation, he Mind tricked a young scoundrel who was boasting that his ship was the “fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy”, making him believe he had been payed 20, 000 credits for passage.

The ship wasn’t fast enough.

The trap was sprung and even the power of 8 Jedi (Imperial propaganda says it was 50 Jedi) wasn’t enough to survive the onslaught of the Sith Lord. Once again, Arkadian saw the impressions of the slaughter through the eyes of his “sister” and while his grief was great, the betrayal broke his heart. It was not Vader himself who had killed Bultar, it was a fellow Jedi (a master no less) who had killed her. Koffi Arana’s lightsaber had been rendered useless and Bultar would not attack the likewise unarmed Vader, Arana took Bultar’s lightsaber from her and ran her through with it, just to have a weapon to use against the Dark Lord. Bultar’s murder was a pointless waste as Vader used the Jedi’s own desperation against them and slaughtered the remining survivors.

After “suggesting” that the freighter pilot drop him off… Arkadian chose the planet Roon. The irony in the name of the Sector; Cloak of the Sith, has not been lost on Arkadian Brade. Many of the miners on Roon pay no mind to the disheveled fringer who comes to the cantina in the mining outpost, sitting by himself with his bottle…

The Jedi are dead, and so Arkadian Brade’s hope died with them. His nights are soaked with liquor, to keep the dreams of a brokenhearted Kel Dor Jedi Master at bay…

Arkadian Brade

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