The Dawn of Defiance campaign is a series of 10 downloadable adventures using the Saga Edition rules. The adventures can be played individually, but when played in order, they form a complete campaign with a story arc that takes players from 1st level to 20th level. Each adventure will be the equivalent of a 32-page printed product and will advance the heroes two levels.

More importantly, the Dawn of Defiance campaign is a chance to experience the Star Wars Roleplaying Game in a new and exciting way. The campaign lets players grow as heroes from the lowliest beginnings to galaxy-influencing greatness. It also gives us the opportunity to show people what a Saga Edition campaign might look like and help Gamemasters provide an exciting game experience across many levels. The Dawn of Defiance campaign is our chance to provide an iconic Star Wars Roleplaying Game experience that can be shared across the community.

Dawn of Defiance

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