∆X-23 Codename: Virus

1 metre tall, four legs equipped with climbing claws, two arms with articulated hands, and eight glassy eyes. "Virus" is a droid that hacks first, shoots second, and prefers to not ask questions.


Ability Scores Str: 10 (0) Dex: 16 (3) Con: — Int: 18 (4) Wis: 10 (0) Cha: 8 (-1)

Defenses Reflex: 17 Will: 12 Fort: 11

HP 18

Systems and Accessories Heuristic processor, vocabulator, two “hand” arm appendages, walking locomotion with extra legs (four total) and climbing claws, internal comlink, 1 kg of compartment space, locked access with license, improved sensor package, darkvision, diagnostics package

Equipment Stun baton, Licensed Blaster Pistol, holster, 20 blank datacards, 3 energy cells, 4 power packs, security kit, tool kit, datapad, credit chip with 100 credits


The ∆X model of droids were a series of droids created under the instruction of General Grievous. There were only two dozen of the ∆X model droids that were created for field testing. ∆X-23 was the second last to role of the assembly line on the planet of Utapau. It was there that he and his robotic siblings were gifted with an audience with General Grievous, where they were instructed in person (so to speak) of just what their functions were: to infiltrate, disrupt, and destroy important Republic installations. Each of the droids was given their own target, and then they were on their way off planet. None of the ∆X models ever suspected that they would never return with words of their success to their master, because as the last of their ships took off for its destination, another ship was arriving in their dock. This ship held a passenger that would eliminate General Grievous and change the course of the Clone Wars, General Obi-Wan Kenobi. After that ship landed, the fate of the ∆X models was thrown into mystery.

This information corresponds to one ∆X model in particular: ∆X-23. ∆X-23 was assigned to eliminate a fueling depot that the Republic was using to maintain its forces in the regions surrounding Geonosis. Removal of this fueling depot would cripple the Republic’s ability to control the region, allowing the Separatist forces the chance they needed to re-establish a foothold on the planet. He had already downloaded the images or the fueling depot from a nearby satellite thanks to a few alterations to his cargo ship’s long range communications relay. He also left a viral program for anyone that attempted to trace the signal. He enjoyed writing the viral program so much that he decided that he would use “Virus” as his new personal identification.

Virus landed the small cargo ship hopefully beyond the range of any radar arrays that they had established to guard the fueling depot. It was a rather barren planet, sand and sparse scrub as far as Virus’s scanners could register. His journey to the fueling depot was uneventful, there were no patrols that got in his way before the depot. He made it to the walls surrounding the compound, scaled them, and was in.

Once inside the depot, Virus’ job suddenly became more difficult. He was able to hack into the depot’s private mainframe in order to access its floor-plan. There were no current records of how many guards they had stationed there. As Virus began making his way to the main storage tanks, he realized there were a lot of guards stationed. Several small groups of Clone Troopers patrolled key intersections, forcing Virus to change his planned route, and even those had the fuel depot employees armed with blaster pistols. In order to get to his desired location, Virus had to crawl over fuel pipes that were built into the ceiling of the hallways. He followed the pipes to the main storage tanks and dropped to the floor.

Virus still grumbles to this day about the reaction time of the Republic’s automated defense turrets. According to all of his files he still had another 0.23 standard seconds to finish his hack that would disable the three turrets that were guarding the main fuel storage tanks before they could fire. Alas, the laser rounds that assaulted his metallic hide disagreed with his data. Burned and blasted, Virus had to drag himself back up to the ceiling pipes, and fled the fueling depot with his assignment unfinished. He fled across the barren wastes, back to his ship, trying not to lose any more of his parts. Crawling into the ship he set its automatic navigation system to take him to a system where he hoped he could get repaired, while avoiding both the Republic, and his Separatist masters that he failed.

Much of Virus’ journey was passed by him shutting down to attempt to conserve power after his damages. Most of the time Virus spent operating was used to repair what pieces he still had with him. Then, back into power conservation mode until his ship reached its destination.

Upon landing, Virus made his way over to the nearest droid repair shop. It was run by a female Twi’lek who said she had been saved from slavers by a Jedi several years past. Virus didn’t have the credits to cover the cost of the repairs, so he begrudgingly offered the Twi’lek his ship as collateral after the work was done. She agreed, and over the next several hours was able to repair Virus to his old self, despite his unique design. Impressed by the quality of her work, Virus decided to actually lead the Twi’lek to his ship as he promised. At least, that was his intension, but in the time that it took for the repairs to be completed, the ship had been stolen without any sign of its new whereabouts.

In order to pay for the costs of the repairs, Virus agreed to work for Ari around the shop, and also as a slicer when those talents were necessary. He has almost paid off his repairs so that he can go his own way again, but it seems his last assignment will be to help Ari’s old Jedi friend who has recently gotten into some trouble, what with surviving Order 66.

“Just what I need,” Virus growls to himself in binary, “Helping out a Jedi. If he finds out I’m ex-Separatist, I’m as good as scrapped. And when I’m this close to squaring my debt. With the way my luck is going, I’ll probably have to work with an angry, Separatist-hating Wookie too. Oh well, time to get to hacking and blasting. Down with the Empire.”

∆X-23 Codename: Virus

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