A young green-skinned Twi'lek. No unusual markings or scars. 1.7 meters (5'5'') tall and 57 kg (125 lbs).


Str 11 (0), Dex 14 (+2), Con 13 (+1), Int 12 (+1), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 14 (+2)

Fort 13, Ref 14, Will 12

HP 19


Ari’kaja’s work in the droid repair shop was uneventful most of the time. People would bring in protocol droids, mostly, with the smallest problems. The hardest case Ari had to deal with was a droid who only spoke Ithorian. It was simply a matter of removing a memory block caused by a makeshift, low class virus; probably children practicing hacking.

Still, it was a good life. There were enough credits to survive on, and Reqel was happier than ever learning what little the Jedi would teach her. She spent most of her time in the Jedi temple, either in the library, or learning relaxation meditation. She was away when a beat up, rusted old droid dragged itself into the shop.

The droid introduced himself as Virus. He was unlike any droid Ari had ever seen, or even heard about. He didn’t have an owner, or any of his own credits, to pay for his repairs. He offered Ari his ship in return for the fix-up. Ari, who had no intention of leaving Coruscant, figured she could sell the ship for a decent fee, and make some renovations to her shop. Maybe then she’d get some more interesting clients.

Virus was pretty damaged, yet he wouldn’t explain how he had come across such destruction. Nor would he explain what kind of droid he was, or what his purpose was. He was very secretive, even for a droid; yet his design fascinated her. His memory core was completely blocked off from her, with a technology she had never encountered. However, that wasn’t where the damage was, so she let it be.

Once the repairs were complete, the droid led her to the nearest docking bay. However, the ship itself was gone. Not one to let a debt go unpaid, Ari told the droid he could work in the shop until his payment was filled. Virus agreed.

Reqel took an instant liking to the droid. Virus revealed that his hacking and bypass skills were unmatched in the Galaxy. Reqel took him with her the next time she went to the Jedi temple, although she didn’t tell Ari why. When they returned, Virus’ internal hardware was short circuited, as if he was electrocuted. Ari merely added the repairs to Virus’ tab.

Life continued. Virus’ debt was almost paid off, and Reqel believed she was beginning to connect with some of the people at the temple. It was a beautiful evening on Coruscant when, during dinner, Reqel began screaming. Ari, her heart pounding with worry, ran to her to try to calm her. Reqel became frantic, speaking of pain, loss, hurt. The smell of smoke drifted in from the window. When Ari looked up from consoling Reqel, she saw the Temple in flames.

Reqel jumped up before Ari could stop her, and ran to grab her blaster pistol. Ari stood in front of the door, begging her not to go. “There’s nothing you can do!” Ari screamed. “Leave this to the Jedi!”

Reqel stood in front of Ari with a light in her eyes she had never seen before. “Ari,” she said softly. “I can FEEL them dying.”

Ari stood there, stunned, and Reqel took the opportunity to push her out of the way. As Reqel ran to the Temple, Ari grabbed her own blaster and went to follow. Virus was the one who stopped her, explaining that by now, the Jedi had already lost. Reqel was already lost. Without the proper training to cope, she would die one way or another.

That night, a part of Ari died with Reqel. She became colder, harder, broken. She made it her goal to fight those who did this, destroy them. She knew she had to find Arkadian Brade, if he was still alive. It was that night that Ari began to contemplate the nature of the Force, it’s destructive properties. Reqel could FEEL people dying? She would have to ask Arka, when they found him. If they found him.

Thankfully, Virus’ debt was not paid off yet. Ari explained to him who they needed to find, and he became jumpy. He insisted that what was left of his debt was minimal, that he should just go his own way and she go hers. Ari insisted that he would help her, or he would become spare parts. She could take him apart as easily as fix him. With that, Virus agreed.


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