A white spotted, short tempered and physcially imposing Wookiee. Standing over 2.2 m, and weighing over 129 kg, Nanakkyy exerts extreme strength and is yet intelligent, agile and very resiliant to physical harm.



Strength – 18 (+4) Dexterity – 13 (+1) Constitution – 15 (+2) Intelligence – 14 (+2) Wisdom – 10 (0) Charisma – 8 (-1)


Fortitude – 15 Reflex – 13 Will – 11


Bowcaster – 1500 cr – 8.0kg License Fee – 75 cr – 0.0kg Quarterstaff – 65 cr – 1.8kg 4×10 Quarrels – 200 cr – 4.0kg Bandolier – 100 cr – 1.0kg Vox Box – 200 cr – 0.1kg


Within the dense jungles of Kashyyyk, in the city of Rwookrrorro, Nanakkyy was born both immense, and unconventional. His parents however, were of normality and lived rather traditional, cultured, yet profound lives. His mother, Twenporin, was a beautiful and cherished nurse. Saving many lives, she held reverence and debts from many residents within Rwookrrorro. His father, Chewyyanikk, was a highly intelligent engineer and mechanic. Spending the majority of his time building and expanding Wookiee villages in the dense jungles of Kashyyyk, he became highly respected from both villagers and the military. Often dabbling in mechanical engineering for the local militia in his spare time, he built and crafted many weapons; a very elegant, ceremonial designed, personalized Bowcaster, which no one but himself was aware of, was his prized creation. ~179 BBY, Twenporin announced her pregnancy to Chewyyanikk.

Overwhelmed with excitement over Twenporin’s pregnancy, Chewyyanikk made everyone he knew aware of the impending birth. Neither Twenporin nor Chewyyanikk were concerned with the gender of the coming pup, as excitement made concern an irrelevance. Much do in part to the respect for the Nanakkyy family and the couples own excitement of the birth, the village of Rwookrrorro made plans for a public ceremonial birth. Time seemed to slow to agonizing levels for the village and the two soon to be parents. Many months passed, and the day slowly arrived. Twenporin was soon to give birth. Villagers gathered and time now moved with haste. ~178 BBY, as the music of hollowed Bantha horns screamed against the surrounding Wroshyr trees and fires burned the air orange, Twenporin gave birth to Nanakkyy. Cheers and congratulations were deafened by the silence that befell the gathered villagers.

Nanakyy was born inconsistent and highly unconventional to most other Wookiees. An extremely large male, his fur was divided between clear white, thick brown and a very deep black. The right side of his face was threaded with pure white. His left shoulder, forearm, and both legs were also patched with a clear, pure white. Silence befell the crowded ceremony, as white was not a common colour for a Wookiee. White was often considered unlucky and foreboding in Wookiee culture. The crowd, in stunned silence, backed away as if they had just seen the death of a thousand Wookiees in front of their eyes. Twenporin and Chewyyanikk, themselves in disbelief, looked at Nanakkyy with wonder. The fires of the ceremony turned black and horns screeched to silence. Nanakkyy shed not one tear. He simply looked at his parents and fell asleep, as if the world around him didn’t exist. His parents both extremely proud and yet bewildered, pledged to keep Nanakkyy safe, as his colour was sure to draw the ire and threat of many.

Through the passing of early years after Nanakkyy’s birth, villagers from all across Rwookrrorro and even surrounding villages grew weary of personal contact with Nanakkyy, due most in part to the belief of contact bringing bad omen. Nanakkyy’s parents had quickly grown accustomed to Nanakkyy’s unique colour, and were often at his defense. Nanakkyy on the other hand always kept to himself, afraid to talk. Though very much capable, he preferred the sound that surrounded him during his birth. Silence. Many times, this lead his parents to often falsely assume his vocal structure was damaged during birth, preventing him from speaking. Other than his parents, Nanakkyy generally found himself alone and without friends. However, Nanakkyy was not bothered by this. Gifted with the intelligence of both his mother and father, he spent the majority of his time learning everything he could about the world around him. When not in school, he used his free time to tinker with the various natural flora and fauna on Kashyyyk.

Using the bark, sap and leaves from a small Wroshyr tree, Nanakyy crafted and shaped a small statue of his parents. Weaving together hundreds of leave stems, he fashioned natural string which he connected to the small statue he made. Draping the craft around his neck, he swore his parents together to be his closest ally. Nanakkyy was a very gentle young Wookiee, despite his rough childhood. Even at his young age of 7, Nanakkyy’s intelligence couldn’t be underestimated. He often found himself nursing his mother, who was suffering from some internal complications from Nanakkyy’s birth. Twenporin was stunned at his grasp of natural science, often receiving natural antibiotics that Nanakkyy had created using Wroshyr tree bark, sap and dew. The two often shared humourous moments, especially in regards to the reversal of nursing roles. Nanakkyy and Twenporin had an especially strong relationship, but humour brought them closer together than ever before. But it was really their personal way of coping with each others pain.

Many years passed with Nanakkyy spending his time in school and attending to his ill mother, while his father worked to support the family. As Nanakkyy slowly approached the age of 11, his father introduced him to engineering and mechanics. Nanakkyy found the concept of engineering and mechanical work fascinating. Nanakkyy and his father spent months remodeling or constructing objects ranging from elevators to natural detonation cord for explosives. However, out of all the things his father had taught Nanakkyy, he grew a particular fascination with explosives and weaponry. Strangely unsurprised by his sons ardency of mechanics and weaponry, Chewyyanikk wanted to show Nanakkyy something extremely special. Chewyyanikk put his hand over his sons shoulder and brought him over to a chest roughly the size of an adult Wookiee male torso. Chewyyanikk said to his son, “Chaos and harmony must lie together for there to be the birth of a burning star.” He opened the box that sat before them. Within lied the elegant, ceremonial Bowcaster that Chewyyanikk has constructed years prior to Nanakkyy’s birth. The Bowcaster had beautiful engravings masking the cold steel construction. The designs were of various Wookiee architecture, mixed with ancient symbols, lettering and shapes. The left and right side of the Bowcaster had engraved “Chewyyanikk” and “Twenporin” respectively. Chewyyanikk told Nanakkyy that when the time was right, he would know why Chewyyanikk showed his to him.

At the age of 12, Nanakkyy was to complete the Hrrtayyk Ceremony. A coming of age ceremony in which a Wookiee of 12 years would ventured into the Shadowlands to survive and accomplish a variety of assigned tasks vital to the survival and maturity of a Wookiee. Once returned from the Shadowlands, the experience found in the foreboding land will have matured the Wookiee into complete adulthood. More than ready, Nanakkyy wished his parents farewell with a hug, and proceeded into the lower level of Kashyyyk. Once reaching the fourth level floor of Kashyyyk, the scenery turned dark and ominous. Nanakkyy’s attitude quickly changed from joy and excitement to determination and fear. Though he progressed quickly through forest floors, the dangers grew more immediate. Nanakkyy slowly felt himself engulfed in darkness, unable to see anything, and as if he was being watched by countless hidden eyes. Unlucky for Nanakkyy, his white spotted fur that gave him trouble as a child, made him easily visible in the shadows. He was an easy target for the many dangers, such as the Syren Plant, and gangs of Katarn. Moving down to the third floor proved tough for Nanakkyy. The thick brush trees made it almost impossible for Nanakkyy to climb back up, so fashioning a rope became a priority. Using his knowledge from tinkering with the flora and fauna years ago, he quickly tore the leaves off of small plants and trees. However, unbeknownst to Nanakkyy, something or someone lurked behind him. The catalyst for what and who Nanakkyy would become, would soon strike.

Unknown to Nanakkyy, there lurked a family of hungry Katarn. The Katarn quickly and efficiently struck on the unsuspecting Nanakkyy. Two larger Katarn had jumped on Nanakkyy’s back attacking his spine and neck, and a smaller Katarn has attacked his right leg. The Katarn quickly shredded the flesh of Nanakkyy, causing a great deal of pain and blood loss. Desperate to gain a foothold after being caught off guard, Nanakkyy used the small bit of rope he had and fashioned it into a basic knot. Using this knot, Nanakkyy reached around and desperately tried to tie it onto the left horn of the small Katarn. Unsuccessful in his attempt, the Katarn dug deeper into the flesh of the already damaged Wookiee. With time running out, Nanakkyy desperately fell backwards, crushing one of the three Katarns, and dislodged the others. The Katarn backed up, waiting for another moment to strike. As Nanakkyy stumbled up, the smaller Katarn jumped toward Nanakkyy in an attempt to slice the throat, but Nanakkyy’s instincts kicked in. With his left hand, Nanakkyy grabbed the throat of the leaping Katarn. Using his free hand, he tore off the right horn of the Katarn, and impaled his enemy through the temple. The remaining Katarn leaped at the wounded Nanakkyy, taking Nanakkyy down. However, aware of the impaled Katarn lying beside, Nanakkyy used his brute strength to slam the Katarn he was grappling with down on the horn sticking through the Katarn’s temple, effectively killing the final Katarn.

Severe pain gripped Nanakkyy. This was the first time he felt true pain and saw his own blood. He looked down at his wounded legs. The white of his legs were soaked in red… his arms and back were shredded. Much of his fur was ripped out in the assault. But something had changed in Nanakkyy. An almost permanent rage of hate and anger was erupting. This was the first time he felt physical pain, and it was to such a degree that his body and mind changed. They couldn’t cope with it. He was traumatized from the pain. His brain couldn’t understand what happened. He couldn’t fathom the thought of that kind of pain happening again. However, his rage demanded more. More pain and more blood. Nanakkyy wanted to fight. Nanakkyy, quickly searched for ingrediants to make the antibiotics he used for his mother to put on his own wounds. Unable to find some, he had to make due with the materials around him. Taking the scales and some of the skin from the dead Katarn, some plant leaves as padding, and the sticky sap from the various trees as an adhesive, Nanakkyy fashioned protective casing that would wrap around his wounds and provide limited protection in the event of another attack. Nanakkyy also took the branches from a dying tree and fashioned them together to form a long pole as high as 1.9 metres. Taking the horns of the Katarn, he attached them to each end of the pole, and created a double ended spear. Nanakkyy, was prepared to kill anything in his way in order to safely return home and to his parents. In fact, he wanted to kill. However, Nanakkyy was strangely calm and in peace with himself despite this urge.

Weeks would pass as Nanakkyy completed his Hrrtayyk passage. Once he finally completed the trials, he was completely changed. More mature and violent than most Wookiees in their hundreds, Nanakkyy contemplated staying in the Shadowlands to keep himself away from the rest of society, and hunt Katarn. Nanakkyy could not however, live without his parents. He decided it would be best if he returned. Moving faster than Nanakkyy thought he could, he jumped and climbed and did whatever he could to make it home quickly. However, despite his best efforts, he returned home too late.

He returned home to the orange air of fire and smell of burnt wood. Outside stood friends of his parents, and high ranking military personnel… dumbfounded, Nanakkyy urgently asked everyone what had happened. A Wookiee Chieftain approached Nanakkyy with sadness. He stood still and looked at Nanakkyy. The air was warm and orange. The smell was thick and tough. The sun poked through an openings in the trees above, providing the area with small beautiful rays of light. The orange and light mixed to form a soft yet cold gold colour. As the Chieftain opened his mouth to take his first breath, Nanakkyy felt a cold air rush past and hold Nanakkyy from thought. Standing there in confusion and terror, Nanakkyy had no idea what was going. The Chieftain told Nanakkyy that his house had been burned to the ground by group of vandals and that his parents had been attacked. He was informed that his mother had passed away from injuries sustained in the attack. His father, Nanakkyy was told, was in critical condition and was being held at the local infirmary. Nanakkyy, stunned and infuriated, rushed to the infirmary to see his father. However with Nanakkyy beguiled with grief and sadness of the loss of his mother, he could barely walk. He made it to the infirmary just in time to speak to his father for the last time. Nanakkyy could not speak. Chewyyanikk said his final words. “C-c-chaos.. and harmony… t-together.. for there to… be… … … the birth….’” Chewyyanikk’s last breath could not finish.

Nanakkyy knew what that meant. His father saw Nanakkyy as the burning star. The star built from chaos and harmony working together. He ventured to the remains of his house, and much to his surprise, the chest his father had shown him a few years earlier remained charred, but otherwise intact. He opened the chest, and removed his fathers Bowcaster, slung it to his side, and left the remains… was this crime because of his semi-white colour? Had Nanakkyy done something wrong that he wasn’t aware of? Why attack him and his family? Nanakkyy wasn’t entirely sure, he had changed in the Shadowlands, and the murder of his parents and only friends set Nanakkyy over the edge. As hard as it was for Nanakkyy to realize it, he knew he would never find the culprits who killed his parents.

In order to escape his past, he left Kashyyyk almost immediately after the incident, at the age of 15. He spent the next 144 years traveling to planets all across the galaxy aboard smuggling ships, learning and training in the many ways of Warfare. With nowhere to go and no one to turn too, Nanakkyy turned to the military, often volunteering his military services as a mercenary in exchange for credits to help him survive in the galaxy.

In 19 BBY, Nanakkyy would return to Kashyyyk to take part in the defense of his home world during invasion of Kashyyyk by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Nanakkyy stayed on Kashyyyk for the entire length of the battle, including through Order 66 and eradication of the Jedi. Nanakkyy very much respected the Jedi, especially after seeing them fight so valiantly along side himself and his Wookiee brethren during the battle. Nanakkyy was shaken very deeply by Order 66. Though an extremely strong soldier, his best attempts at saving many of the Jedi failed, due in part to the now extremely large number of enemy troops. The death of the Jedi, his fellow Wookiee soldiers and his failure to save the Jedi, resulted in a highly burdened and scarred Nanakkyy. Vowing revenge on the Galactic Empire for the destruction and desecration of Kashyyyk, Nanakkyy pledged his life against the newly formed and seemingly unstoppable Galactic Empire.


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